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Terumo Guide Wire

For the best quality PTFE and Terumo Radifocus Guide Wire, kindly check out the products showcased here. We are Varni Corporation – quality centric company, which is working as a manufacturer, exporter Terumo Guide Wire. These wires are made using latest glide technology, wherein a hydrophilic coating is applied onto the guide wires. This bestows the features of unsurpassed lubricity and outstanding lubricity retention. Terumo Guide Wires also have a core-to-tip design, which is the only reason that the torque ration of 1:1 is possible.
Product Image (RF GA35153M)

Terumo Radifocus Guide Wire

Price: 750 INR

GLIDEWIRE® Guidewire features a proprietary design for smooth, rapid movement through tortuous vessels and difficult lesions, including